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Flooring in Tucson

There are many types of different flooring surfaces available. Before deciding what type of flooring you will have installed in your home please consider the following options.

Screed Floors
Screed is the term given for a cement and sand based mixture that is laid on top of concrete floor foundations. Screed comes in a variety of color options and if you are planning on using tile it will work wonderfully on screed floors.

Tiled Floors
There is a wide range of floor tiles on the market today as listed below.

Ceramic Tiles
Ceramic tiles are very affordable and come in a wide range of colors. Ceramic tiles are available with an anti-slip surface. Ceramic tiles are easy to clean and durable.

Porcelain Tiles
Porcelain is hard durable tile which is available in a variety of colors.
Porcelain tiles are fantastic for use in bathrooms and kitchens.

Vinyl Sheeting
Vinyl sheeting is very inexpensive and not early as durable as other flooring options.

Laminate Flooring
Laminate floors are interlocking boards that are fairly easy to install.
There are very many different types of laminate floors. Some are made f composite wood while others are made of solid wood.
Laminate floors are more easily damaged by water than other flooring options.

Wooden Floorboards
Since a decline of forests, hardwood floors have become very expensive. They are very durable and long lasting. Their warmth and beauty are very attractive to those who are willing to spend a little more for quality flooring.

Carpets are available in a wide range of colors and textures. Quality carpet is a great option for you flooring needs and is suitable for most rooms excluding bathrooms and kitchens.